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Saturday, 15 July 2017

Ask Dr. Ruja - Scam Detector gives the proper answers

Welcome to unlive the live webinar hosted by Dr. Ruja, OneCoin CEO Mr. Pitt Arrens and OneLife Global Master Distributor Mr. Sebastian Greenwood! Shit has been hitting OneCoin's fans for quite some time so buckle up if you fear falling from your seat because of laughter. 

Originally the webinar was supposed to happen June 14 but for some reason it was postponed to July 13. It may not come as shock that none of the questions presented in the webinar were asked during the livestream but via a web form, well before the webinar happened. - God forbid if someone actually knowing something about cryptocurrencies were to ask Ruja some questions! Naturally they also got to choose which questions to answer and which ones to put straight into a shredder.

Start of the webinar. Pitt Arens looks like he shat his pants a bit and Ruja Ignatova is giving one of her awkward smiles.



Ruja Ignatova: 
"I believe that OneCoin has actually chosen a very very good approach and makes itself ready for the future because we store in an encrypted way the KYC information of the users." ... "We prepare our cryptocurrency not to be anonymous and this is why we store this information actually in our blockchain."

- However, Ignatova still doesn't care to explain how unbanked people without proper ID are going to use your coin. She has told again and again how OneCoin is going to be the cryptocurrency for the unbanked people who don't have proper documents for identification.

Does OneCoin have a blockchain?


Ignatova also presents some questions to herself as if there wasn't enough of them sent to her:
"We have been approached and people say: Does OneCoin have a blockchain? Is it true there is no blockchain? What happened? 
 Yes, OneCoin definitely has a blockchain, and I really would like to discourage people to spread rumors like this, because they are simply not true. A blockchain is something essential for a cryptocurrency and we had invited independent auditors even to audit this."

- Please, Ruja, I would really like to discourage you from spreading these rumors about OneCoin having a blockchain. What comes to your audit reports, no one outside your cult takes them seriously.

"We can not go public without a proper blockchain, because going public of course needs this technology. So I would like to tell everyone once again, yes, we have a very proper blockchain, and the haters claiming other people should probably go find something else to say on this."

- Well, the coin hasn't ever gone public with the blockchain and it seems more than likely that it never will. 

What comes to Ignatova's word, it has no value whatsoever. She was sentenced for a fraud last Spring in Germany to probation for one year and two months. In addition Ignatova has been caught lying, making false promises, and she was involved in BigCoin scam before starting OneCoin.

I find it amusing that she actually uses the word "haters" referring to people criticizing the ponzi scam. What a true onecoiner she is.

What about the situation in India?


Ignatova goes on commenting about the recent happenings in India, where 30 OneCoin reps have been charged because of participating in this scam. 23 of those charged have already been arrested.

"Unfortunately we face situations every day in several countries, and even more unfortunately that most of the situations are self-made and unfortunately made by network."

- She conveniently doesn't mention that herself was among the ones listed on the chargesheet of the Economic Offences Wing of the Navi Mumbai Police.

After disowning the Indian OneCoin reps Ignatova continues by reprimanding the network what OneCoin is all about:
"We are a company who sells education packages. We are not an investment. We are not selling onecoins, we are not selling cryptocurrency. And this is extremely important, me as the founder of this company and also the management team will not tolerate people who go out and who promise things that are not real... who go, who make a really, er, bad, er, bad claims about our company.  
And what happened in India is actually very very simple, there was 25 or 30 people who're marketing our company and our education packages as an investment. 
All these people we have removed frmh(?) compliance from the company, because OneLife is not an investment company. There are no returns. There're no, er, promises like this. We sell education packages. And whoever violates this, is getting to be taken out of the network, because of compliance."
"We're co-operating with the Indian authorities. We support them whatever we can."

- Well finally Ignatova tells something that's true: There are no returns. And I must admit that onecoiners do get a life lesson out of this.

In this video clip Ignatova herself has says that "We actually are in financial services." She's also bragging about huge commissions, but promising even bigger profits from the coin.

OneCoin abandons India?

"I have even stopped the registration process of India yesterday, until all the Indian leaders have not done another training in compliance with the company's standards I will not reopen the market."

- That pretty much wraps it up - foreign OneCoin scammers are going to stay the hell away from India from now on. As seen before, OneCoin reps getting in trouble with local law enforcement are on their own and the company sure doesn't come to rescue.

When will the White Paper be officially published?


Pitt Arens answers:
"Today it is not open source. Once it (the blockchain) becomes open source, of course the White Paper will be published."

- There you have it - again - ladies and gentlemen, the White Paper hasn't been published. However, OneCoin sure don't mind spreading an unofficial white paper among its representatives.

I believe that this farce OneCoin have with the white paper fail has something to do with Arens's incompetence as a ponzi CEO. Maybe OneCoin should have hired an experienced scammer instead of Arens.

What about bad press and OneCoin's reputation as a notorious scam?


Sebastian Greenwood takes on this one:
"... all these negative - let's say news - that are fake news... this is what it is."

- He also goes on accusing bloggers and media about just trying to get traffic on their web sites by giving bad publicity to OneCoin.

"I''ve also seen very good positive media out there on us. So don't believe everything you read."

- Yeah, really? Please, do give us an example of a respectable media source writing something positive about OneCoin.


Ignatova wants to add something and starts accusing bloggers for making a good living out of writing negative stuff about OneCoin and concludes: 
"Do not trust strange web sites that just want to make money with you."

- This is voluntary work for me. I have no ties to any cryptocurrencies. I'm not hiding behind an alias, this is real me. 

Yes, I have adds on my blog, but I'm not earning "a good living" out of this. My earnings from the date I started running my blog in February 2016 up to this date are about 75 euros. That doesn't compensate at all the time I have spent on investigating this scam - as well as others that I have wrote articles about.

What about DealShitter/DealShaker?

First Arens talks some boring bullshit about DealShaker, how they are going to make it better etc. Well, a legitimate company would have never launched such an awful platform that still doesn't work properly. It is just an awful monstrosity that should be put down already.


Ignatova continues after Arens:
"Never ever do any transactions outside the DealShaker. Unfortunately we know there's a bad world outside, and there are always people who try to fraud other people. Never ever do a transaction and give cash to somebody outside the DealShaker platform - coins or cash. Do not do this!"

- Well, I think this warning applies to almost all car deals there has been on DealShaker.

Are credit card payments going to be possible?

As OneCoin has lost all of its public bank accounts, the members might find it difficult to transfer money to their user accounts. This of course isn't exactly helping DealShaker to bloom, because many deals require more or less of the deal done by cash transactions in addition to onecoins. 

Greenwood explains how China Union Pay card is already available for the Chinese members and some parts of Asia. However, he has nothing new to tell to the other parts of the world.
"The company is working on to get other payment systems on the platform."

- OneCoin has already had some tough times with MasterCard so I believe at least MasterCard is out of the question - as it has been already for a long time: 
OneCoin's converting MasterCard was a lie
OneCoin Mastercard merchant part of a drug gang

IPO (Initial Public Offering) and strategic plans for the next year?


"Xcoinx will be open again, and it will be open to the general public. Of course we will work like any other regulated company and we are working a lots of this to have the regulation in place."
- So far OneCoin has been frequently in news by getting its ass kicked by regulators.

Ignatova about OneCoin going public:
"There's no certainty, I can not give exactly a date. What we are planning as a company, is we are planning definitely 2018, third or fourth quarter of the year."
"So expect the going public most probably in 2018."
- OneCoin sure is the future of delayments. The cult members were already eagerly expecting OneCoin to go public in the second quarter of 2018. Now Ignatova suddenly reveals news that this won't happen.

On which exchanges will onecoin be traded after the IPO?


"Xcoinx will be the primary market maker for OneCoin exchanges, but on top there is one Asian - especially Asian - stock exchange which we are in advanced talks with also to trade the coin."

- A stock exchange getting involved with a ponzi coin. Come on, Arens! It seemed like you were just making stuff up while you were speaking.

What are the benefits going to be for the members after OneCoin becomes public?

I skip the nonsense from OneCoin and move on directly to my answer:
Anyone capable of understanding even the basic laws of economics should understand what would happen then. But then again, like Ignatova said, OneCoin isn't att all about selling coins or getting returns, it's all about education.

Monday, 10 July 2017

Indian police include Ruja Ignatova on its chargesheet

The Police in India is certainly giving a hard time to crumbling OneCoin scam. There has already been 23 representatives of the scam arrested. According to the police the accused have operated 35 bank accounts registered in names of varied private firms, which saw transactions of over Rs 75 crore, which is about 10.2 million euros. The police were able to have about 3.4 million euros seized while the accused moved away the rest of the money as soon as the arrests were made.

An article published today on the Indian EXPRESS tells that the Navi Mumbai Police have filed a chargesheet against the promoters of OneCoin. Booked were also two Bulgarian nationals, including Ruja Ignatova.

So far OneCoin has either distanced itself from any accusations or kept an awkward silence. However, this time her dictatorship herself has been accused. - Certainly she can't tolerate this kind of treatment and rushes to India to clear her name, and while doing so also saves those poor souls accused of promoting a scam!

Foreign OneCoin scammers have been avoiding India for months

It has been no wonder that top OneCoin scammers have been cancelling their India tours after police there started to discipline the ponzi.

There was supposed to be a tour by Muhammad Zafar and Kari Wahlroos in June 25-26, but the duo made some excuses to avoid setting their foot on Indian soil. Zafar claimed that there was some problems getting their visa confirmed. Meanwhile Wahlroos explained that the event was postponed to July due a "tight schedule".

So is it problems with visa or "tight schedule"? 

Yeah, right. I haven't seen any event plans for India anymore. 

Earlier in the Spring a OneCoin promoter from the U.S. Tom McMurrain was supposed to have a tour in India 27-30 April, but he suddenly chickened out from it after news about arrests made in India were published 25th of April.

While there was no other bookings in his schedule McMurrain chose to stay at home and focused on launching webinars and even tried to have my Facebook account closed. Needless to say, he had absolutely no reason to report my account and he managed to cause no harm to me. However, this sort of action by McMurrain only reveals what kind of devious character he is.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

OneCoin - Reps using fake news

After losing all public bank accounts OneCoin has had, the scam has been withering away in Europe for months. In addition to serious banking problems also regulators and authorities have been closing in on OneCoin in Europe. All this has driven the top scammers from EU region to concentrate heavily on screwing people in Asia, Africa and South America.

Norway is going to be no way for OneCoin's ponzi business

There are countries in the EU region such as Germany and Italy who have already banned all activities of OneCoin. 

Also Norwegian authorities are now closing in on OneCoin. A letter dated 6th of June from the Norwegian Gaming Board directed to OneCoin /OneLife states:

"The Lottery Authority asks you to provide names and addresses of those who operate OneLife OneCoin in Norway by receiving revenues from OneLife OneCoin and are members resident in Norway. We also want to be informed of which Member State / Title the different persons are hair. Please send us this information as soon as possible and by 20 June 2017."

The deadline to fulfil Gaming Board's request was yesterday. Unless OneCoin's Norwegian representatives were even able or willing to provide all the necessary information - which I seriously doubt - there are going to be consequences:

"Failure to fulfill the documentation requirement is penalized, cf. section 17 of the Lottery Act."

It remains to be seen what happens next. So far there has been no statements from OneCoin regarding the situation in Norway.

OneCoin - The Future of Delayments

All OneLife Network Ltd can do at this point is to come up with new ways to delay the inevitable end of the scam. Closing, DealShaker and IPO/OFC plots just keep this end of the charade dragging on.

Google Trends has been showing declining interest towards OneCoin starting from the mid November 2016. Comparing its chart next to the one of Recyclix, which is a ponzi pyramid that already collapsed, noticeable similarities can be seen how these collapsing scams attract less and less attention. A significant difference between OneCoin and Recyclix is that the latter went down very quickly after losing its bank accounts. OneCoin on the other hand can still operate through some shady bank accounts and extensive money laundering.

It goes without saying that these graphs are not showing growing networks. Also bear in mind that Google Trends shows the overall popularity of a search term - including searches done by both sides, those who are members and those who are not.

OneCoin reps spreading fake news

As a countermeasure for all bad press OneCoin reps like to spread fake news to lure gullible people to hand their savings to them. The reps are known to also advice people not to search information about OneCoin from Google. That's because there's already so much information available revealing the scam as it is.


The latest fake news launched was about Vietnam's government issuing a trading license to OneCoin:

There was only a photographed document in Vietnamese to support the claim, but that didn't stop the scammers from using it as a proof. A Vietnamese newspaper ĐẤU THẦU published an article yesterday revealing that the document was in fact forged.


At OneLife event in Tokyo 2017 OneCoin's new CEO Pierre Arens goes as far as exploiting Olympics to promote the ponzi scam:
"We want to be the number one cryptocurrency to be used for Tokyo 2020...
So that all athletes that come from around the world, the journalists that come from around the world, they do not need to exchange their local currency to Yen, they can of course do that, but it’s much easier for them just to go into a shop, buy their tickets online and pay with OneCoin. So here we are, ladies and gentlemen."

- I wonder what the International Olympic Committee might think about that bullshit you shat from your mouth, Pierre.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

OneCoin - Greetings to the Sofia office!

Greetings to you, dear visitor from the headquarters of the ponzi!

Now that I know there are employees - maybe even Dr. Ignatova herself - from OneCoin's office popping by every now and then, why not spend a while answering some questions? I mean, you could easily clean the name of OneCoin by answering some simple questions. Well, I know you won't, but aren't we having fun already?

And just to make clear to everyone that you have been visiting, here are some statistics of my blog:

All in all there has been 66 sessions since 19 August 2016 originating to a service provider "sot scurity technics" located in Sofia. I had already been suspecting that the service provider in questions might be referring to visits made from OneCoin's headquarters. Just recently visits referring to a "ticket" emerged and confirmed my suspicions.

OneCoin's customer service uses a ticket system to handle any questions the ponzi victims might have. So it's obvious that a member has made complaints or questions about my blog to OneCoin's customer service. Hence the visits referring to the ticket system.

I find it likely that the vast majority if not all the visits from sot scurity technics came from OneCoin's headquarters.

Question time!

Well, what to ask you, dear representative of OneLife Network Ltd. There are so many questions, many of them already asked in this blog without any answers given. Not even by onecoiners. 

Well, here we go!
1. What is the education included in the most expensive education packages you sell? For example those top four on this list: 

Bonus questions: What's the point selling combo packages? Why is it even possible to buy several identical education packages, let alone a member having multiple accounts all with same education packages? Aren't you supposed to sell only education?

2. Why did you lie about having a blockchain? - It's evident that you haven't had one, so we can cut the bullshit. 

3. Why wasn't the White Paper published?

4. What's the point of the KYC procedure when you're supposed to provide a cryptocurrency to people without proper documents for identification? OneCoin's KYC procedure prevents anyone without an ID to even possess any coins. 

5. Why has Ruja Ignatova been lying? For example: 
- She has claimed having no experience related to network marketing prior to OneCoin. However she was involved in BigCoin scam before OneCoin. 
- When asked in 2016 why almost all coin sell offers tend to expire, she claimed it was caused by the time difference: "When you're awake China sleeps." This was just utter illogical nonsense that had no relevance to the inner market place. 
- She has been implying being a cryptocurrency genius creating a cryptocurrency called OneCoin. However, there hasn't been a cryptocurrency. Just toy money.

Alrighty, just five questions for now. You are spending time here anyway so there's no reason not to clear these things that cast an enormous shadow over OneCoin/OneLife... Unless, of course, it's a ponzi pyramid scam.

Oh, just one additional question. How can you work for an international ponzi scheme? Does it require anything else than total absence of moral backbone?

PS. Thank's to the member ticketing the customer service! You know who you are.

Update 14 June, 2017 - The day after:

Among today's visitors:

Some details (not visible on the screenshot) indicate that those visits were made by three individuals.

Friday, 2 June 2017

OneCoin - the unpublished White Paper

Well, it has been almost four weeks after the event in Macau. I guess at this point it's safe to say that OneCoin isn't going to publish the White Paper it had bought from DXMarkets. Deciding not to publish it makes the whole point of having a white paper totally meaningless and only raises suspicions about its content.

OneCoin's new CEO Pierre Arens and the unpublished White Paper.

Instead of publishing the White Paper the management of the ponzi seems to have released it only to an inside group. I have been informed that there's a message attached, which forbids from sharing the White Paper with the outside world. This forbiddance to reveal the document only speaks for itself. After checking out the White Paper it's easy to understand why they wanted to hide it from outsiders.

Of course we can't be 100 % sure if this copy was meant to be the actual and final version of the White Paper by Marcelo Garcia Casil. Whatever the case, OneCoin is now exploiting it to wipe away any worries the cult members might have.

The document is 11 pages long including the cover. It's of course supposed to be about OneCoin, however it takes all the way to page 8 until the subject actually arises. This paper is very far from convincing anyone about OneCoin being a legit cryptocurrency. We already know that
Marcelo Garcia Casil wrote it about a blockchain delivered by DXMarkets. So the document has nothing to do with the blockchain OneCoin claimed to possess.

OneLife Network Ltd given a cease and desist order in Belize

After getting banned in Germany and Italy the latest crushing blow was given by tax haven Belize where Onelife Network Ltd is located. The financial regulator of the country has given a cease and desist order to the company on 29 May:
"It has come to the notice of the International Financial Services Commission of Belize (IFSC) that an entity calling itself ‘One Life Network Limited’, an International Business Company registered in Belize, is conducting trading without first obtaining the required licence from the IFSC. 
This entity is not licensed/regulated by the International Financial Services Commission or any other competent authority in Belize to conduct any type of trading business. 
One Life Network Limited is therefore directed to cease and desist from carrying on with the said unlicensed activities which constitute an offence under the laws of Belize."

The ponzi ship must now sail to find a new haven to anchor itself. However, finding a new spot might be trickier than ever. OneCoin has over 20 bank accounts frozen, an increasing number of countries warning about the scam, representatives of the company getting arrested, police investigations going on, more and more bad press about the scheme follows, and so does the overall bad reputation grow accordingly.

Some graphs

These graphs indicate that OneCoin/OneLife scam has been in decline ever since the company lost the last one of its bank accounts. shows the popularity of Despite OneCoin has been bragging about its constantly growing member count the traffic to the website has been declining after November 2016.
OneCoin went unbanked on 14 November 2016.

The graph on goes along with the one on

The popularity of is showing a beginning of a nosedive:

Recyclix trying to pay its way out from the deep shit?

This tragicomedy just keeps on continuing. You can read about the previous developments of the two sides arguing from my earlier blog post 19 May.

Earlier this week the side running the official webpage published bank statements of an account held by reCyclix sp. z o.o in Czech bank ČSOB. The pdf files seemed to be genuine bank statements revealing hundreds of pages detailed information about deposits to and from the company's account.

Yesterday the other side running the so called official blog of the company published a statement condemning the measures of their enemies who they refer as "Raiders". Yaroslav Mikhalsky (presumably a fake name) running the blog also shared a list of Recyclix members who are included "in the first phase of the compensation provision program". The list contains 700-800 member accounts with an identifier code and individual amounts to be refunded. As Recyclix has claimed having around 1 million members, I guess the procedure to compensate the victims could take some time.

However, as far as I understood the "refund amounts" are only partial sums to compensate the original investment lost. Even then I have serious doubts whether all the members will be refunded - if any at all. It could be just delay of the game tactics.

As I have said before, neither side of the scam should be trusted. It seems that the scammers are now grabbing on anything that could buy some more time and prevent the members from filing police reports about the case.

Update 30 June 2017

I took a glimpse at a Facebook group of German Recyclix members and noticed some posts stating no compensation has been paid to the members of the "first phase of compensation provision program".

I can't say that I was surprised. As a matter of fact, it would had been mind blowing if the scammers had made any compensation payments.

I have found several Facebook groups indicating that Recyclix was a very wide spread scam.

Google Trends show a typical graph of a collapsed pyramid scam. The interest towards Recyclix has gone very low:

Friday, 19 May 2017

Recyclix scam - The Game of Ponzi continues

It's been a while since my last post about Recyclix. After the ponzi pyramid collapsed I thought there wouldn't be much to post about the scam anymore. Just closing credits and few words of advise to the victims from my behalf.

However, there has been some crazy statements and claims by the scammers lately, which made me come back to this issue.

The last post I had made about Recyclix was published 7th of May. What we had learned by then was that apparently there are two separated scammer groups or individuals bashing each other online now. 

The other one has access to control and the other one seems to control company's official Facebook page and an "official blog", which was set up after the collapse of the scam. Both sides blame each other for illegal actions, and they both claim to work hard for the members to get their funds back. - Yeah, right!

I repeat what I have stated before: Neither side should be trusted. Victims of this scam should contact police and file a crime report. 

Recyclix was a ponzi pyramid scam. The payments to the existing members were made from the money collected from new recruits as well as luring existing members to invest more money to the scam. The business was not about recycling plastic but recycling money to the top scammers.

Class action suit?

I'm aware about some members trying to work out a class action suit against Recyclix. However, I believe that proceeding through lawyers isn't the right way at this point. These are scammers we are talking about. They are not sitting still and waiting for the ponzi victims to approach them with lawyers. I bet the actual scammers have abandoned the company as soon as they saw the collapse coming. 

It is also possible that they have appointed some stooges as directors for the existing companies to take the blame.

I strongly doubt that an ultimatum from a law firm will do any good what comes to getting anyone's money back. The more time is spent, the more time is given for the fraudsters to cover their tracks.

But back to the scam soap...

The story continues...

The House of Crisis Team

The Crisis Team started posting messages 17th of April. Here's my blog post about the first letter.

On the contrary to the other team the leader of this crisis team reveals his name. However, I doubt that this " Yaroslav Mikhalsky" is a real person.

The crisis team controls the official Facebook page and the official blog. They have posted five times on their blog page about the proceedings of their "internal investigations". I'm not going through all that bullshit here, because there's no point taking seriously anything the scammers post.

However, let's check out some details about the latest post made 18th of May and titled "Latest News and Developments: Progress of Investigations and Current Events".

"Over the last several weeks we have been drawing up and preparing all necessary papers—claims, complaints, testimonies, and so on—for submission to the bodies of law enforcement and private companies in the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic concerning illegal activities of Dainis Vasiljevs and Igor Pshenychnyi. And we can already see the progress.

For example, we have received the answer from the Action Fraud, the UK National Fraud & Cyber Crime Reporting Centre, about the illegal acts of Dainis Vasiljevs who has stolen money of Recyclix members through BEPAY for embezzlement purposes. The case is currently being assessed, but please be sure to get acquainted with the letter from the Action Fraud over here."
- Yeah, right! I'm just guessing here, but Dainis Vasiljevs and Igor Pshenychnyi might be real persons. The reason behind giving their names might be just to divert the victims of Recyclix.

I don't know what the referred letter to the Action Fraud has to do with this case. There are some details covered with a black box on the letter. 

Removing the black boxes with some computer voodoo tricks reveals a name of a law firm and apparently one of its lawyers, Marina Williamson. Sterling Lawyers seems to be a law firm located in the U.K. It is not clear if the letter has anything to do with Recyclix scam.

The House of

3rd of May came back alive and started posting statements on a message window. The user accounts in are not accessible. The fist message claimed by an anonymous writer that there was a new management in charge. The writer claims that the new management is working for the members to get their funds back.

"Actually, the company is managed by a structure that represents the new owners of the company and has nothing to do with the former management, with the exception of the company's debt obligations to new owners. Currently, a real trial and internal audit of the activities of Recyclix will be carried out. There are hopes that we will be able to restore the lost funds and / or the work of the company. 
We will inform you about important changes on this page. Visit the page daily and do not miss out on information. It is worth noting that the information published on alternative resources (eco-revolution, groups in social networks, etc.) comes from the previous management of the company and does not correspond to reality."

6th of May a new message was posted:
"The investigation gets first results. 
Cooperation has been established with the investigative bodies of the Russian Federation (in particular, the CSG of the RF in St. Petersburg), lawyers from Finland, Poland, the Czech Republic, and a private detective agency CBS. 
The next stage will be gathering information and preparing for a collective lawsuit. We are requesting all depositors to prepare all possible materials confirming the transfer of funds to the accounts of Recyclix. 
Recently started audit of the company showed that the previous management withdrew all the company's assets, bank accounts were also emptied. We are making all the best to return funds and assets."

9th of May a message was published intimidating the old management attached with pictures of the group members.

"An appeal to the former leadership of Recyclix. 
You have made certain contractual obligations to invest in your company and pay the agreed dividends. You stopped doing them. We call upon the former leadership of Recyclix, as promised, to contact us within 24 hours of the publication of this message. We want to appoint a time and place, sit down at the negotiating table and discuss options for returning investments to investors and ensuring the normal operation of the enterprise. All assets must be returned to the company. 
Otherwise, measures will be taken to disclose materials that were obtained as a result of an investigation by an independent detective agency. It is about information about cash flows on the company's account for the last 1.5 years, about beneficiaries, about investing in business, about the involved persons, bank account numbers, personal data, etc."


If there still are any Recyclix victims believing in the words of the scammers, you should ask yourselves the following questions:

- Why would any "new management" be interested in acquiring the remains of a company and its collapsed ponzi pyramid?
- Should you rely on the ponzi company to run their own "internal investigations"?

Just in case the blog of the Crisis Team vanishes, here is all the text from the site copy pasted:

MAY 18, 2017Latest News and Developments: Progress of Investigations and Current Events
Dear participants of Recyclix,
I would like to share with you some new facts about the illegal takeover of the company and crisis management program as well as to take my time to send a brief message to the intruders.
Following the publication of our message to the illegal intruders on May 9—whoever they may be—we haven’t yet received any kind of answer from them and saw neither their names nor contact details published anywhere. We would like to ask these people to stop hiding and get in touch with us, better if it would be done publicly, so that we can arrange a meeting at our office in Riga, Latvia.
And whilst we are waiting for the answer from the intruders, we would like to tell you about new developments in the situation with the illegal takeover and show you some documents that were presented to the law enforcement agencies as the evidence of money embezzlement and unlawful takeover.
Over the last several weeks we have been drawing up and preparing all necessary papers—claims, complaints, testimonies, and so on—for submission to the bodies of law enforcement and private companies in the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic concerning illegal activities of Dainis Vasiljevs and Igor Pshenychnyi. And we can already see the progress.
For example, we have received the answer from the Action Fraud, the UK National Fraud & Cyber Crime Reporting Centre, about the illegal acts of Dainis Vasiljevs who has stolen money of Recyclix members through BEPAY for embezzlement purposes. The case is currently being assessed, but please be sure to get acquainted with the letter from the Action Fraud over here.
A public notary who signed the forged general power of attorney has given his consent to cancel the validity of the document after a visit by Recyclix’s director, Alexander Suranovas. Therefore, we expect to recover access to the original website of the company in the shortest possible term.
Apart from it, we are publishing this payment order confirmation — proving the existence of the transaction in the amount of €840,000 from the BEPAY account in Czech CSOB bank to the account of a certain Aleksin Kauppahuone OY in the Finnish department of Nordea bank—and we are demanding the evildoers to provide answers and explications on account of this image.
Also, we would like to let you know that Alexander Sivaks, one of the founders of Eco Green Line SIA entity we mentioned in our internal investigation, was questioned by a criminal investigator on May 10 in Riga concerning the origin and current whereabouts of the funds that he received for alleged construction of new recycling plants. Since questionings of shareholders of the group of companies that Recyclix was composed of will continue, we expect that the persons who are currently managing Eco Green Line SIA would try to declare the entity bankrupt in order to withdraw from the responsibility.
The case of Igor Pshenychnyi and his partners in crime is currently tackled by the Czech Republic police and later on this week we expect to receive new information from the Czech law enforcement agencies about the progress of the case and the whereabouts of the money stolen via BEPAY. As soon as such information has been provided to us, we will share it with you with pleasure.
Personally we believe that the pressure applied to the group of illegal intruders—who have not even revealed their names yet—by the police will make them disappear as quickly as they appeared.
When it comes to the implementation of the crisis management program, we would like to advise you beforehand that there may be certain delays in the first phase of compensation provision process due to a class action lawsuit currently prepared against the company. In case if the lawsuit will be pursued and won, the court and only the court will decide the process, amount, and deadlines for the compensation provision program via selling off of all assets and property of the company.
Currently a group of highly experienced lawyers in Poland, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, and Latvia are working for our team and will continue to do so for over a year in order to help the company through this chaotic period of time. We are willing to take our time and collaborate with judicial bodies and law enforcement agencies in order to ensure seamless implementation of the compensation provision process.
In the coming days and weeks Gabriel, who we think is the originator of a series of offences and attacks against the company, will probably try to abscond and avoid any contact with the law enforcement bodies because he is involved in commitment of several crimes at the same time.
Firstly, he tried to illegally take over BEPAY company, which can be proven using a document at our disposal. Secondly, he laundered funds transferred from Recyclix to fly-by-night companies. Thirdly, he illegally took over Recyclix and its domain and website.
On top of that, he partnered with Sergey Vasiljevs during the takeover of BEPAY and hired members of the criminal community in Prague, a group operated by Karen K*****n and Ramzan “Prazhskij”, so that they would blackmail and intimidate the old management team of Recyclix who refused to fulfil his demands that were against the law.
As a finishing touch to this newsletter, I would like to state that the persons who act on behalf of Gabriel are losing their time. Their attempts of blackmailing and intimidating will fail and Gabriel will receive neither any moral pleasure out of this confusion nor the money that he is after.
We would like to strongly recommend you not to provide your personal data to anyone who may be illegally taking actions on behalf of Recyclix or BEPAY if not explicitly stated otherwise on or the official Facebook page of the company. Also, please be sure not to take seriously any information about Recyclix unless it’s published on the official mirror website,, or in the official Facebook group of the company.
Remember that you can use website in order to login to your Recyclix account if you would like to access any information located in your member’s area, making sure that your earnings are safe.
Until the official Recyclix website page is recovered from the team of illegal intruders, updates about the progress of the crisis management plan, company fiscal and property audit, governmental investigation, and legal cases will be published by our team members via the official mirror of the Recyclix website and its Facebook page in English.
Yours sincerely,
Recyclix Crisis Management Team
Yaroslav MikhalskyPOSTED ONMAY 9, 2017Official Message to the Illegal Intruders from the Recyclix Crisis Management Team

In this message I would like to address the group of illegal intruders, whoever they may be, and tell them my thoughts and opinion about this unlawful action in a public way.
Private detectives hired by our team already tried to locate and contact Igor Pshenychnyi, who is officially wanted by the police in Czech Republic for a car theft, but so far it was not possible to detect this individual because he is apparently hiding.
My message to the group of illegal intruders will be brief. Firstly, I am asking you to publicly present yourselves to the participants of Recyclix and our team and explain, in detail and publicly as well as with provision of evidence and proofs, on what grounds you should be considered the true new management team of Recyclix.
Secondly, when it comes to the negotiations on the process of returning the funds, we are willing and eager to do this, but only in a legal and public manner through our lawyers.
Therefore, I am asking you to publish the contacts of your team of lawyers, as well as any other contacts that we may use to get in touch with you, on website.
And I would to repeat it once more. From now on all communications between our team and you, whoever you may be, shall be carried out in a public way.

Recyclix Crisis Management Team
Yaroslav MikhalskyPOSTED ONMAY 6, 2017Announcement of the Internal Investigation and News on the Progress of the Crisis Management Program

Dear investors of Recyclix,
I am Yaroslav Mikhalsky, the chairman of the new management team of Recyclix, and in this crucially important message I would like to share with you the completed internal investigation into the the activities of Recyclix and the reasons behind the illegal takeover of the company as well as give you the latest details on commencement of the process of provision of the compensations.
However, before getting down to explaining in which way and when the compensations will be paid, I would like to cover the issue of the illegal takeover of Recyclix by Igor Pshenychnyi and the respective internal investigation into that matter that our team has prepared.
As you have probably noticed, currently website cannot be accessed. This is associated with the illegal actions of the team of evildoers who—like we told you in the previous newsletter—have managed to forge the official documents and unlawfully get hold of the company.
Fortunately, we have succeeded to establish the identities of these individuals as well as reconstruct negligent actions of the old management team of the company and the events that led to this chaotic and unpleasant situation.
All important facts about the true story behind what was happening at Recyclix when it was managed by the old executive team are presented in the internal investigation that I would like to share with you.
Remember that it’s very important to take your time to get familiar with this document in order to understand the current situation of the illegal takeover as well as to get ourselves prepared for a smooth and seamless process of the compensation provision.
Just like we promised in the latest update in the official Facebook page of the company, as a further evidence of the illegal takeover of the company we provide you with the originals of the forged unlimited power of attorney — featuring the names of lawyers who performed this illegal action—used to get hold of the company by Igor Pshenychnyi on behalf of the group of intruders uncovered in our investigation and the text of the legal claim against Igor Pshenychnyi on behalf of the director of Recyclix, Aleksandr Suranovas.
As soon as the claim has been successfully reviewed by the court, Aleksandr Suranovas will be reestablished as the director of Recyclix in order to pass the ownership of the company over to our team for completion of the crisis management program and payment of the compensations.
Also, we reckon that the group of people who illegally took over Recyclix are currently reading this newsletter. This is why we are asking them to make a public statement, disclose their identities—although this has already been allegedly done in our internal investigation—and communicate what they want to our team and the investors of Recyclix so that we would be able to resolve this situation in a lawful way and give the investors their funds back.
As of now, the recycling process on all accounts has been stopped and in the following days you will see that all your waste, if available, will be sold. All your account earnings will be automatically combined into one withdrawal order—whilst if you have already had requested a payout earlier and it has not been made yet, it will be also added into the final withdrawal order—the ID of which will be later on sent over to the the crisis management center in order to put you in the queue for subsequent provision of the compensation.
We believe that, just like in case with the illegal takeover of the company on behalf of Ruslan Puksto by the same individuals, this time the legal process of getting the company back will not take much time and will not influence the dates of commencement of the first phase of the compensation provision announced earlier, which is June 2017.
In the previous newsletter we mentioned that a part of the funds meant for provision of the compensations is currently kept in Latvian Citadele bank. As you have found out from the internal investigation published above, these funds are now undergoing an official investigation by the Latvian police and will be released within 6 months. Once these funds have been released, they will be transferred to the crisis management center and will be used for the second phase of the compensation provision process.
We would like to strongly recommend you not to provide your personal data to anyone who may be illegally taking actions on behalf of Recyclix or BEPAY if not explicitly stated otherwise on or the official Facebook page of the company. Also, please be sure not to take seriously any information about Recyclix unless it’s published on the official mirror website,, or in the official Facebook group of the company.
Remember that you can use website in order to login to your Recyclix account if you would like to access any information located in your member’s area, making sure that your earnings are safe.
Until the official Recyclix website page is recovered from the team of illegal intruders, updates about the progress of the crisis management plan, company fiscal and property audit, governmental investigation, and legal cases will be published by our team members via the official mirror of the Recyclix website and its Facebook page in English.
Yours sincerely,
Recyclix Crisis Management Team

As you may have noticed, currently website is not available. This has to do with the illegal takeover of Recyclix by Igor Pshenychnyi, which we told you about in the previous newsletter we published on the official mirror of the company’s website,
We would like to let you know that this situation will be dealt with in the near time in a lawful manner as we have already brought a legal action against the group of these illegal intruders.
The internal investigation by our team that we mentioned earlier has already been completed and we managed to gather and establish the important facts about the illegal takeover, individuals behind it, and what exactly caused it.
The internal investigation and several positive news about the progress of the crisis management program-as well as the originals of official documents such as the legal action against the evildoers, forged papers used to carry out the illegal takeover, and more—will be published in our newsletter on later on this week.
In the meantime, we strongly recommend you not to take seriously any information about Recyclix unless it’s published on the official mirror website,, or in this Facebook group.
Remember that you can use website in order to login to your Recyclix account if you would like to access any information located in your member’s area, making sure that your earnings are safe.POSTED ONAPRIL 17, 2017MEET THE NEW RECYCLIX MANAGEMENT TEAM: MESSAGE TO PARTICIPANTS

Dear investors of Recyclix,
My name is Yaroslav Mikhalsky and I will serve as the chairman of the new management team of Recyclix and together with my colleagues we will be handling the crisis management program and ensuring that this procedure is performed in an inclusive and efficient way.
As you might have seen it in the latest update post on Facebook, we already announced the approximate dates when provision of compensations to the Recyclix participants will commence. For those users who haven’t had an opportunity to get familiar with the post, I would like to repeat that it’s estimated that the process of provision of compensations would start in June, whilst from now on all news on the progress of the crisis management plan and current events will be published by our team members on Recyclix’s website and its official Facebook page in English.ON CRISIS MANAGEMENT PROGRAM
My colleagues and I believe that transparency and clarity are crucial when it comes to achieving any goal in a big company—especially if it has to do with management of funds—and this is why now I would like to tell you more about the crisis management plan that Recyclix will launch in the nearest future.
All compensations will be paid through a special crisis management center that will be opened in the short term. Funds for provision of compensations were already partially allocated and as soon as the crisis management center have been opened and our team has finished the thorough fiscal and property audit of the company, the process of the compensation provision will be started.
For purposes of enhanced transparency an oversight committee consisting of members of Recyclix themselves will be formed. We will be informing you the progress of the crisis management program in the next newsletters as well as on the official Facebook page of Recyclix.ON CURRENT EVENTS
There’s another important thing that I would like to let you know about in this newsletter as our team has found a couple of strange things about Recyclix following the commencement of the company’s fiscal and property audit.
You may have heard about the issue with Ruslan Puksto who tried to illegally take over the company by forging the official documents back in January 2017. Unfortunately, it turns out that a similar situation took place once again on March 23 due to unknown reasons, most probably by the way of forging the official documents too, and currently Recyclix is being illegally controlled by a certain Igor Pshenychnyi. You can review the official legal information about the company over here.
For enhanced safety the funds allocated for provision of compensations were stored in Latvian Citadele bank as well as on the accounts of BEPAY company. However, last week a large payment has been made to a Finnish branch of Nordea bank without consent of BEPAY management board.
Nordea bank has been already contacted about it, but we still haven’t received either definite answers or solutions to this problem. This is why we would like to kindly ask all of you who made payments to Recyclix via BEPAY company to get in touch with Nordea bank using this complaint letter template COMPLAINT LETTER TEMPLATE at and demand for a financial fraud investigation to be carried out.
Aleksin Kauppahuone OYIBAN: FI8317453000088965BANK: NORDEA BANK FINLAND PLCSWIFT: NDEAFIHHTEL: Calls from abroad ‎+358 200 70 000 (international call charge)
And though upon arrival at Recyclix our team was not expecting such difficulties to arise, all necessary documents for the commencement of an official investigation have been already handed over to the law enforcement authorities. A very similar case—an illegal takeover of the company that happened back in January—was solved in a rapid way thanks to the hard work of investigating officers.
We would like to let you know that these investigations should not affect the estimated dates of the commencement of the compensation provision plan announced earlier, especially if as many of you as possible will contact Nordea bank and ask them to launch an investigation into the unlawful financial transaction from BEPAY company to their bank.
Apart from this, the initial phase of the company’s fiscal and property audit has shown that the previous management board of Recyclix tried to cover embezzlement incidents by some of its members. Our team has already launched a special internal investigation into such facts of misappropriation of funds by the old management team.
At this point I would like to bring this newsletter to a conclusion and let you know that it will be a pleasure to work with all you in the following months to ensure a seamless process of provision of the corresponding compensations.
Please make sure to contribute to the efficiency of the compensation provision procedure by contacting Nordea bank using the complaint form above in case you made payments to Recyclix via BEPAY.
Remember that updates about the progress of the crisis management plan as well as the governmental and internal investigations will be published by our team members via the official Recyclix website and its Facebook page in English.
Yours sincerely,Recyclix Crisis Management TeamYaroslav Mikhalsky